We believe that the current model of fashion, requires a huge shift.
The future lies in a Circular Economy; not only conscious consuming, but Regenerative Design 
where waste / pollution are designed out, and products / materials are kept in use for as long as possible.

Integrating a Circular Economy, for us, is a systems approach and an ongoing process we’ve committed to progressing.

 Your Clothes // Our Designs

Our first scheme, comes in the form of COLLABORATION, between YOU + US
A process where you send us your blank, second-hand clothing to lovingly print on with water-based inks, and send back to you!



It's easy!

1. Purchase the Circular Economy product.
2. Fill out the form in the description, and send it with your clothing back to us.
3. Sit tight. As soon as it's printed, we send it back to you!

Please note the turn around time is 1-2 weeks after receiving it for Australian orders, and 3-4 weeks for International.

Click here to begin!

Repurpose / Up-cycle / Get creative!

We’re here to make Earth conscious clothing for change,
and can’t wait to co-collaborate with you 



All of our existing, thought-provoking designs, are available below for you to choose, and design its’ placement.



12cm x 12cm   |   Examples = light / dark

My mum’s been taken, can you help me find her?
I don’t know where, but the men who took her kept yelling bacon - do you know where that is?
I hope it’s somewhere nice.
I’m so lonely. Will you be my friend?




16cm x 9cm   |   Examples = light / dark

A meeting.
It’s cold, confined and bloody where I am, can your human family take me in?
I’m not sure - they say I’m a ‘pet’ but you’re ‘dinner’.
What are those?
I don’t know. I wish you could join me. We’re about to go to the park.
I’ve never been to a park but that sounds nice. I’m going to the slaughter house tomorrow.
Everyone I know who’s taken there never returns.
I hope it’s somewhere nice.
Me too. I just want to be loved, the way you are.



26cm x 20cm   |   Examples = light / dark

How are pigs and dogs the same you ask?
They are sentient, form strong bonds, and love a good belly rub.
Love to play! Lay in the sun! Vocalise themselves! Are intelligent! 100 other things! Most importantly - they both have the capacity to suffer.
How did we believe otherwise? Cognitive dissonance, and misinformation, dear friend. Let’s snap out of that right now, and help others out of it - by repping this -
Life = Life
Equity = Peace
Peace = Love


21cm x 26cm   |   Examples = light / dark

Yin and Yang
Two sides of the coin (heads / tails)

Two sides of a mountain (sun / shadow)
Two sides of treatment (kindness / abuse).
Imbalance brings light to the unacknowledged darkness,
the unequal dichotomy
and absurdity that is Speciesism.




21cm x 26cm   |   Examples = light / dark

This circle of life -
is not as symmetrical as it appears.
In the lives of the oppressed, the truth is blatant.
The difference is perception. Can you spot the difference?





25cm x 17cm   |   Examples = light / dark

‘Joe, not that movie again’ said the majority
'Oh come on, please? It’s Halloween for Christ’s sake!’
‘Mate, I still get nightmares from it.’
‘He’s got a point though, it is pretty darn scary.’
‘I suppose it’s fitting.’
And there it was settled.
Another brutal night in with Dominion.

Watch if you dare spooksters - ]



18cm x 26cm   |   Examples = light / dark

Some would question Prince Piggy’s decisions in his rule.
What happened to the Okja we knew and loved?
You see, cannibalism wasn’t always widely accepted.
‘But the humans eat us. THEY eat us. THEY eat us.’
After fighting for so long, that’s always been his excuse.
Some say it’s Stockholm syndrome, others say he’s simply gone mad.
Most of the other pigs don’t agree with his ways. They say regardless of morals, pigs taste f*cking foul.

I think, Prince Piggy better watch his back.
It appears a revolution is on its’ way.




10cm x 25cm   |   Examples = dark

3 irises, 3 eyes, 3 lives.

A baby calf calls for his Mother,
empty space shadows his place,
while he’s sent to slaughter,
and she’s hooked to machinery.

No room to spread her wings,
she lives in the custody
of a minuscule cage,
never to see the sun or sky.

A girl, says her last words,
as the gas from the chamber,
robs her of her last breath,
delicate piglet skin turns pale.

3 lives - 3 points of view
One story -





25cm x 17cm   |   Examples = dark

The ENDIMALS movement represents non-violence, anti-speciesist sentiment, challenging the status quo and respect for all. We are a brand that has chosen art, over excess. Change over, profit. Advocacy, over consumerism. And if this aligns with you we would be totally flattered for you to rep us