There are many things that I wish for ENDIMALS to be,
but let me begin with what it's not.

- 1 -

This isn't a place that will paint happy-go-merry images,
Utopian endings,
faux victories or appeal to viewers gently.

That - is not what art was made for. And this, is Art.

Art is a revolutionary tactic, made for change, to challenge the dominant narrative.
It is a way for reportage, a veil which reality presents itself through, and a means for opposing oppression.

- 2 -

This isn't a single-issue cause
appeasing to the brand identity and niche market of Vegan,
or a consumer space asking you to buy x, y and z.

This, is a grounding.

A grounding; back to the stories of the trillions of victims, that are being exploited, objectified and slaughtered. A grounding; back to the enormity of the crimes against ourselves, against the ecology which we are bound to, and the way we are destroying our planet through the mechanisation of sentient beings. A grounding; back to the core of all injustice in the world that is - domination and hierarchy, and it is through this core that all oppression is interwoven.

his is a grounding to the massive injustice being perpetuated, over and over again. 
It demands dialogue.

- 3 -

Art doesn't have the right or wrong answer. It doesn't seek to prove, instead it raises questions. And this is how dialogue begins. Art doesn't dictate. It has no desire for power, or control. Art reaches into the subconscious and heart - and points towards revelation and reverence. It's interpretation is multifaceted, contradictory and has a life of its' own. That is its' unique contribution.

My contradiction as an art-ivist for animal liberation, is this:
those which I stand for and the most oppressed among them, are not leading their own resistance with voices that are heard by humankind.
animals have their own bodily autonomy, agency and sense of justice.

- 4 -

what follows that?

The challenge of change, the altering of narrative,
an absolute re-shifting of our social / cultural relationships to animals.
My weapon of choice, is using - culture  - to communicate, and alchemise this.


To you, who is reading this, I thank you, and love you, for being a part of it.
If, on the contrary, if you find my work confronting or uncomfortable to look at, I invite you to dig a little deeper, open an internal dialogue as to why.

- 5 -

The stories always belong to the victims / animals, and the ecology we are bound to.
Their lives are the art.

ENDIMALS was birthed from a place of deep love, desire for justice, and longing for the total liberation of all inhabitants on Earth. 
Never as a call out, always as a call in.


Big love, hope and resistance,
Lou (Founder / Art-ivist)


ENDIMALS acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation,
the traditional and rightful owners of the land where we create.